Residency in the UK is not as simple as you think it is because getting a residency in the United Kingdom depends on certain important factors. The most crucial step to attain residency is the “Life in UK Test” or “UK Test Citizenship.”

The test encapsulates the basic information regarding the UK as it is important for the applicant to know the history, basic values, customs and traditions of the country they are aspiring to move in. The UK citizenship test is designed to evaluate the responsive behaviour of an individual towards the UK.

It is obvious if you are a citizen of any state it is your duty to work for the betterment of your country so that your country flourishes and can compete with the other successful countries. Additionally, the knowledge of the rich history of Britain will assist you in understanding the lifestyle of the UK which will make your adjustment easier and can lead you to feel like you are home.

Topics for UK Test Citizenship

In order to pass any test there is a certain content area that you have to know before attempting the test. Similarly for the Life in UK test, there are certain topics or in simple words, you can say a course outline that will provide a detailed overview regarding different domains of the UK. Moreover, with this knowledge, you will get to know the history of Britain and its core beliefs that will be beneficial for your stay in the UK.

Eligibility for UK Test Citizenship  

To take UK Test citizenship the applicant must fit in the criteria that make him/her eligible for the UK. Some of the major eligibility factors are essential for you to know so have a look at the:

If you’re doing the same crime repeatedly then the Home Office will consider it a lot alarming for you to enter the UK. Moreover, if your crime is damaging the public or the country then it will be considered severe.

If your crime caused serious injury to the victim’s mental or physical health.

If you have committed a sexual offence.

It is important to take into account that if you are applying through British naturalization or if you assure your indefinite leave in the UK for a prolonged period then you will be eligible to take the test.

Documents required for British Citizenship

For attempting the UK Test Citizenship no documents will be needed. In the majority of cases, people register themselves for the test via online means from the official website. While booking for a test you will need the following things:

It is advisable to book for the test three days beforehand, it will make you more relaxed to prepare for the test. Once you pass the Life in UK Test you will be required to submit the following documents with which your application will proceed.

 Concluding Words

The UK test citizenship is the first step to your settlement in the UK and for that, your thorough research of the course and format of the test will make it easy for you to attain the best grades to pass this test.

It is the perfect chance for you to know the history, values, customs, traditions and society of Britain. Through a dedicated mind and spirit to thrive one can easily pass this test. Your dedication will make you a responsible citizen of the British society.


  1. Is it difficult to pass the Life in UK test?

The Life in UK test is surely hard to attempt, even UK citizens sometimes fail to pass this test. But if you do thorough research and practice the course with great concentration then you can easily pass this test with flying colors. Several people pass this test every year even those people whose native is not English also clear this test so be very focused and determined to clear it.

  1. What is the next step after passing the test?

Once you pass your test a “unique reference number” will be provided that will be used as evidence that you have passed the test. Your further immigration process will be based on that URN, the visa and immigration officer stated “We will ask you to sit in the waiting room until we give you your URN after you have finished the test. Your URN serves as a unique reference for your test result and is required in all correspondence pertaining to the result that you send to the Home Office.”

  1. What is the validity of UK test citizenship?

The test will remain valid for an indefinite period because it won’t expire. You can take this time any time even before you are planning to settle in the UK.

What happens if I fail the test?

If you fail the test then you have to wait for a week before making another attempt for re-test. Each time you have to book a test for yourself and pay the fees to register yourself.