International enterprises can hire foreign employees to work in the UK with the help of the Global Visa Ltd sponsor licence. The route for global corporate migration is divided into 5 distinct areas. For instance, international companies can sponsor overseas employees to work in a UK branch or subsidiary using the Senior or Specialist Worker visa, which superseded the earlier intra-company transfer visa.

Thanks to the UK Expansion Worker visa, foreign companies can transfer their overseas employees to the UK to open a new branch here. Under the Global Business Mobility route, three more visa categories, the Graduate Trainee, Service Supplier, and Secondment Worker visas, are available to meet the needs of businesses operating abroad.

Key Features of Global Visa Ltd

The Global Visa is a type of visa program in the United Kingdom that aims to attract highly skilled and talented individuals in various fields, including science, research, engineering, digital technology, arts, and culture. The Global Visa replaced the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa and is part of the UK’s strategy to position itself as a hub for global talent and innovation. Key features of the Global Visa Ltd include:

Endorsement: To qualify for the Global Visa, applicants need to be endorsed by a recognized UK endorsing body. These endorsing bodies are experts in their respective fields and include organizations, institutions, and industry leaders.

Points-Based System: The visa operates on a points-based system, where applicants earn points based on their achievements, qualifications, and contributions to their field. Meeting the required points threshold is essential for a successful application.

Fast-Track Routes: There are fast-track routes available for individuals who have received specific prestigious awards or recognitions in their field. These awards could include Nobel Prizes or equivalents in various domains.

No Job Offer Required: Unlike many other work visas, the Global Visa does not require applicants to have a job offer in the UK. It is designed to attract individuals who can contribute significantly to their field in the UK.

Flexibility: The visa offers flexibility for individuals to work in any sector and change employers without the need for additional endorsements.

Eligibility for sponsor licenses for global visa ltd

To successfully apply for a sponsor license for Global Visa Ltd, you must provide proof that you fulfill each of the following necessities:

  1. Be a real foreign company functioning legally in the UK (or if you want to create a presence in the UK).
  2. You have to be trustworthy, honest and haven’t acted in a way that is detrimental to the general welfare.
  3. Fulfill your obligations as a licenced sponsor, which include putting sponsor administration procedures and systems in place for efficient documentation, surveillance (such as sponsored workers’ attendance and absences), and reporting.
  4. Plan to hire foreign workers who meet the necessary skill requirements and are qualified for the positions.
  5. Fulfill the conditions for an adequate salary
  6. Respect the guidelines for using third parties (if any)
  7. Possess the ability to provide proof of a qualifying connection (such as a contract or shared ownership) between the sponsor and the foreign company.
  8. Make appropriate and qualified candidates for the following important personnel positions: Level 1 and 2 Users, Authorizing Officer, and Key Contact.

Should you choose to submit an application for a sponsor license through the UK Expansion Worker route, you will additionally have to provide proof of the following:

  1. A “footprint” in the UK (your company needs to have a physical location there, be registered with Companies House, and not be conducting business there already).
  2. Involvement in international trade.
  3. A solid development and commercial presence plan to be implemented in the UK in two years.

Documents needed for a Global Visa Ltd

The specific documentation required to bolster your application for a Global Business visa sponsor license will vary based on the path you take. Table 3 of the Home Office website’s “Appendix A: additional proof for sponsor licence applications” lists the necessary paperwork applicable to each route. In conclusion, the following documents which are not an entire list must be submitted:

The Service Supplier route requires proof of an authentic and qualified business agreement between a Foreign Service provider and the UK for the provision of services per pertinent trade commitments. This ought to be for no more than a year and be the result of an open tender or comparable procedure.

Route for graduate trainees and senior or specialist workers – A minimum of one document proving the UK business and the foreign organization have a qualifying connection. This could manifest as:

  1. A statutory declaration or an affidavit listing the related companies in the UK and abroad.
  2. Audited financial statements of the parent firm or main office.
  3. Business Reference number for the house.
  4. A notarized statement by the company secretary if the international stock exchange listed is allowed by the FCA or the London Stock Exchange.
  5. Share registry Cooperative venture contract.

The Secondment Worker path requires proof of a business agreement with a foreign company for investments or goods valued at least £10 million annually and no less than £50 million overall. Documents from every category listed below pertain to the growth of the worker route:

  1. Proof of your UK “footprint,” such as commercial real estate you have bought or acquired; proof of your involvement in international trade, such as corporate or business bank statements with current service transactions.
  2. Proof of intended growth into the UK, such as financial resources, a business plan, and market analysis.
  3. Additional documents, such as the association’s articles of association, annual reports, and shareholder details.

How to apply for a sponsor license for Global Visa Ltd

In order to apply for a sponsor license for Global Visa Ltd, you must do the following actions:

  1. Install the HR systems and procedures required to fulfill a licenced sponsor’s responsibilities. Before moving forward, it is best to have a sample inspection conducted by an outside immigration policy expert to make sure you comply.
  2. Fill out the web-based request for a GBM sponsor license and submit it.
  3. The application price is £536 for small sponsors and £1,476 for large sponsors.
  4. Submit or attach any additional paperwork, including a submission sheet with your Authorizing Officer’s signature and date, within 5 working days after being asked.
  5. UKVI may occasionally carry out a computerized compliance check or an enforcement visit to your location.
  6. You will receive a letter from UKVI informing you if your application for a GBM sponsor licence has been accepted or denied. The processing of applications may take up to eight weeks. If you pay an extra £500, you might be able to receive a judgment in ten business days.

Global Visa Ltd sponsor license versus skilled worker sponsor license

Sponsor licenses are only valid for the immigration route for which they are intended. Under the Global Visa Ltd method, you are unable to sponsor foreign workers using a license to sponsor skilled personnel.

Although foreign nationals can work in the UK with either form of sponsor licence, there are several significant distinctions. Employers located in the UK are the only ones authorized to use the Skilled Worker Sponsor License to hire foreign nationals for long-term positions that qualify.

However, only foreign companies with an agreement or presence in the UK (or the desire to create a presence here) are eligible to use the Global visa sponsor license. It is vital to comprehend that sponsor licenses for Global Visa Ltd are category-specific and are only applicable for the stated purpose (e.g., Senior or Specialist Worker or Expansion Worker).

Moreover, sponsor licenses for Senior or Specialist Workers are categorized as “Worker” licenses, just as the Skilled Worker license. Licenses designated as “Temporary Workers” include those for Graduate Trainee, Service Supplier, Expansion Worker, and Secondment Worker sponsors.


Who is eligible for the Global Visa Ltd?

Individuals with exceptional talent or promise in their field, as recognized by a relevant endorsing body, are eligible for the Global visa Ltd.

How Do I Apply for The Global Visa Ltd?

The application process typically involves obtaining an endorsement from a recognized endorsing body in the respective sector and then submitting a visa application to the immigration authorities.

What Is the Role of Endorsing Bodies in The Application Process?

Endorsing bodies play a crucial role in evaluating an applicant’s achievements and determining whether they meet the criteria for exceptional talent or promise in their field.

Can I Apply for The Global Visa Ltd without A Job Offer?

Yes, the Global Visa Ltd often allows individuals to apply without a specific job offer, focusing instead on their individual talents and contributions to their field.

What are the fast-track routes for the Global Visa Ltd?

Some programs may have fast-track routes for individuals who have received prestigious awards or recognition, such as Nobel Prizes or equivalent honors.