In recent years, the United Kingdom has been facing a growing demand for healthcare professionals, including those working in care homes. To address this need, some care homes in the UK have started offering overseas sponsorship opportunities for qualified and skilled individuals from abroad.

This initiative aims to attract talented and dedicated professionals to contribute to the provision of high-quality care services in the UK. The care homes offering overseas sponsorship in UK play a crucial role in supporting individuals who require assistance with daily activities due to age, disability, or health conditions.

With an aging population and an increasing demand for healthcare services, there is a pressing need for qualified staff to work in care homes. You can hire foreign social workers as a social care provider in the UK under the Health and Care or Skilled Worker visa programs.

Operators in the UK social care sector must first obtain an immigration license in order to sponsor foreign caregivers to work in the country.

How to hire an international social worker

The following crucial actions must be taken when hiring caregivers from overseas:

Sponsor license qualification

As a prospective sponsor, you will have to prove to the Home Office that you are authorized to work in your industry and offer services related to social care.

This could imply, for instance, that you are completely registered with the General Medical Council as an NHS provider or the Care Quality Commission (CQC) if you operate a care home or the comparable organizations in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Additionally, you need to be trading or have a presence in the UK. Additionally, candidates must have had their sponsor license canceled within the last year or have any existing charges against them.

It is imperative that all sponsors have the systems and procedures in place for overseeing their sponsored workers in a lawful way in order to submit a successful sponsor licensing application.

This entails completing the required verification for being eligible to work in the UK, maintaining records, keeping an eye on sponsored workers, and providing information to the Home Office.

Position and eligibility

A list of shortage-eligible jobs for the Health and Care and Skilled Worker visas is available from the Home Office. Furthermore, you have to:

  1.       Offer only actual work.
  2.       You must have the capacity to provide work that satisfies the route’s standards for competence and pay.
  3.       Sponsor employees only for positions on the lack of candidates or qualifying profession lists.
  4.       Offer compensation that satisfies or surpasses the bare minimum required for the particular position.

How to apply for Overseas Sponsorship

The initiative of care homes offering overseas sponsorship in UK reflects a proactive approach to addressing the workforce challenges in the care sector.

By welcoming skilled professionals from abroad, care homes not only enhance their own capacity but also contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services in the UK. The following actions must be followed to apply for a sponsor licence:

You can begin applying for and issuing Certificates of Sponsorship to foreign workers as soon as your Sponsorship Management System (SMS) is operational and your sponsor licence has been issued. A designated individual within your company may submit an SMS application for a CoS. In addition, £199 is required.

The foreign employee can then use the Certificate of Offer (CoS) as proof that they have been extended an offer of employment, if authorized by the Home Office (usually within a day). This document can then be used to apply for an employment visa.

Benefits of Overseas Sponsorship

Care homes offering overseas sponsorship in UK can yield several benefits, addressing key challenges in the healthcare sector and contributing to the overall improvement of care services. Here are some notable advantages:

The process of applying for immigration for social professionals working abroad

The following is an estimated schedule for obtaining the required visa authorization in order to hire a foreign worker for a social care position:

In case you require foreign social service providers to begin work immediately, you can pay an additional charge of £500 for your sponsor license application, which will be decided within 10 days, and £800 for your work visa application, which will be decided within 1 day or 5 days.


Why do care homes in the UK offer overseas sponsorship?

Care homes are offering overseas sponsorship in UK to overcome staffing shortages, bring in professionals with diverse skills, enhance cultural competence in care delivery, and contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services.

What qualifications are typically required for overseas candidates seeking sponsorship in UK care homes?

Overseas candidates are usually required to have relevant professional qualifications and experience in healthcare or a related field. Language proficiency, often demonstrated through tests like IELTS, may also be a requirement.

How does the sponsorship process work for overseas candidates?

The sponsorship process typically involves the care home assisting candidates in obtaining the necessary work visas and authorizations to legally work in the UK. This may include providing support with visa applications and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

What benefits do overseas professionals bring to UK care homes?

Overseas professionals bring benefits such as filling critical staff shortages, contributing to cultural diversity in the workforce, introducing global best practices, filling specialized roles, and promoting continuous professional development among the staff.

Are there language requirements for overseas candidates?

Yes, language proficiency in English is often a requirement. Candidates may need to demonstrate their English language skills through standardized tests like IELTS to ensure effective communication in the workplace.

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