Starting your career in a foreign country involves several challenges because one is not accustomed of living a life out of their shell. Life in foreign country feels like a mosaic of special opportunities and obstacles. The process of hiring an employ for abroad in a UK-Based Business you will often need a sponsor licence from UK Visas and Immigrations (UKVI).

The applicant who desire to work in UK must have apply for the work visa in order to work and stay in the UK for a prolonged period after receiving their sponsor licence.

There is also a way to hire an employ without having a sponsor licence under the high potential individual visa, youth mobility scheme, and graduate visa schemes. With the world’s workforce becoming more and more international, working in the UK for a foreign employer becomes a multifaceted experience that involves exploring the complex intersections between local regulations and global careers.

In addition to assisting people in navigating the challenges of adhering to UK employment laws and regulations, it enables people to learn more about cultural dynamics and international business practices.

How to employ international workers abroad?

Hiring foreign workers abroad involves navigating legal, cultural, and logistical considerations because it is a crucial step. Here is a guide to help working in the UK for a foreign employer through the process:

Legal Compliance:

Research and Planning:

Recruitment and Hiring Process:

Workplace Integration:

Benefits and Compensation:

Tax and Payroll:

Legal Support:

Healthcare and Insurance:

Ongoing Support:

Continuous Compliance Monitoring:

The above mentioned details are in a generalize form just for your understanding about the hiring process but if you have begun your sponsorship application procedure then there are multiple step with which you can ensure that you have reached the final step so have a look at them:

  1.   Go over the prerequisites for a sponsor license.
  2.   Install the systems, processes, and procedures required to satisfy a sponsor license holder’s eligibility requirements.
  3.   Obtain a sponsorship license for your employer.
  4.   Await the approval of your sponsor license.
  5.   Verify the candidate’s qualifications for the position and work function.
  6.   Request a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) and assign a number to it.
  7.   The worker requests a work visa (such as the UK Skilled Worker visa).

Examine the prerequisites for a sponsor license

For getting UK sponsor licence form UKVI one must authenticate that they belongs to a legitimate company that has a link with United Kingdom, also that company must be situated in the UK. Moreover, Employers must not have any outstanding convictions for immigration offenses, money laundering, fraud, or other offenses that are comparable in order to avoid endangering immigration control (i.e., by refusing to hire workers unlawfully).

Furthermore, it is the duty to hire a trustworthy and sincere person that can take the charge of sponsorship of the hiring procedure.   

Install the systems, processes, and procedures required to satisfy a sponsor license holder’s eligibility requirements

In order to satisfy a licenced sponsor’s legal responsibilities, you must demonstrate that your HR system is eligible to maintain records on sponsorship worker. Also, it is obliged to guarantee that the Certificate of sponsorship must be granted to authentic foreign workers, who are willing to work in UK and are free from all kinds of scams.

In order to prevent penalties or possible termination of the Certificate of Sponsorship, report significant changes in circumstances to UKVI within specified deadlines.

Get your sponsor license by applying.

In order to obtain your sponsor license, you must fill the online form before the end date and submit it on time. It depends on your business whether you want to run a small business or you want the charge of the bigger approach so according to that have to pay the application fees.

After the process you can show the form to the UKVI to auenthicate your further process. A UKVI compliance officer may conduct a pre-compliance visit at your location as part of the application assessment process to make sure you meet the prerequisites mentioned above.

Await the approval of your company sponsorship license.

You should receive a response on your sponsor license application in the majority of simple instances in eight weeks. If you could pay an additional £500, you may receive a decision in less than ten working days.

It is crucial to remember that the quantity of applications eligible for expedited processing is restricted to a select few each day and will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. When you apply, you will be informed if you are eligible for a speedier response.

Verify the candidate’s qualifications for the position and work function

You have to make sure the employment qualifies for sponsorship before you can sponsor a foreign national. There is a list of acceptable occupations and shortage occupations for the skilled worker visa2.

Verify that the Standard Occupation Classification (SOC code) for the position you are offering matches. Additionally, you must make sure that the foreign national you are hiring for the post is receiving the right salary4. Getting the required visas and work permits depends on this.

Request a sponsorship certificate and assign a CoS number

To get the visa every sponsor worker must have a current CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship). After that they can apply for the online Sponsorship Management System to request for a new certificate to work and stay in the United Kingdom for a prolong period.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access healthcare services in the UK while working in the UK for a foreign employer?

Depending on your visa type, you may be eligible for free or subsidized healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS). Confirm your healthcare eligibility and consider supplemental health insurance.

What are the key employment rights for working in the UK for a foreign employer?

Foreign workers in the UK are entitled to certain employment rights, including the national minimum wage, protection against discrimination, and a safe working environment. Familiarize yourself with the rights outlined in the employment contract and UK labor laws.

Is National Insurance contribution mandatory for working in the UK for foreign employers?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be required to make National Insurance contributions. This is a mandatory social security contribution that funds state benefits. Check your eligibility and obligations with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

How do I extend my stay in the UK for employment purposes?

If your assignment requires a longer stay, explore visa extension options. Be aware of the expiration date of your current visa and start the extension process in a timely manner.

What are the obligations of my foreign employer regarding my employment in the UK?

Your foreign employer must comply with UK employment laws, provide a clear employment contract, and, if applicable, sponsor your work visa. Ensure that your employer is aware of and adheres to local regulations.


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