Attending Classes at Fast Track Training: Everything You Need to Know

At Fast Track Life UK, we offer a range of class formats and schedules to suit your needs, ensuring you have the best possible experience as you prepare for your Life in the UK test. In this article, we’ll outline our different class formats, explain how to register for classes, and provide information on the necessary materials and preparation.

How to join our online training with a teacher
Fast Track Training Schedule

Class Formats and Schedules:

We provide both in-person and online classes to accommodate various learning preferences. Our class schedule is designed to be flexible, with lessons taking place five days a week:

What time are the classes?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 9:30-10:30 am and 7-8 pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 9:30-10:30 am and 4-5 pm

If you miss a class, don’t worry. Each class is recorded and available for 30 days, so you can catch up at your convenience. Additionally, we offer one-to-one training sessions that are eight hours long and can be scheduled flexibly to fit around your work commitments. These sessions are available Monday through Sunday, from 8 am to late evening.

How to Register for Classes:

Registering for our classes is simple. Visit our website and click on the course you’re interested in. Fill out your details and make the payment. You’ll then receive a username and password via email to access your account. Within 24 hours, a teacher will contact you to introduce you to your course and provide further guidance.

How to register for a Fast Track Training course

Materials and Preparation:

We provide all the necessary training materials to help you pass your Life in the UK test on your first attempt. Our comprehensive online training course includes:

What materials are included?

600+ questions on our Fast Track Dashboard area, which your teacher will check and give feedback on

34 quizzes

34 instructional videos

History presentations

Special question and answer sheets that accurately reflect the real test

Improving your score with feedback

In conclusion, attending classes at Fast Track Life UK is a convenient and effective way to prepare for your Life in the UK test. With various class formats, flexible schedules, and comprehensive training materials, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed. Register for our classes today and take the first step toward achieving your goals.

Read Our Reviews

Marian Berbecila
Marian Berbecila
After joining the classes for the Gedling Knowledge Test got my certificate within weeks. The teachings are very interactive and very detailed, excellent teachers and very knowledgeable always available to answer your questions and guide through. I would like to thank Mr Rahil for his availability all the time, for his professionalism and patient. I would rate this 10/10 and recommend to everyone who wants to pass the Gedling Knowledge Test. Thank you once again Fast Track and thank you Mr Rahil.
Kelly Luz
Kelly Luz
I very happy Fast track excellent I passed the first time
Tasawar Hussain
Tasawar Hussain
Good luck everyone who want pass the life and UK test join the fast track training.
De Le
De Le
Overall, my experience with Fast Track Training was positive. I was recommended by family member . I would recommend to everyone. Teacher was friendly and very helpful.
Arijeta Hasani
Arijeta Hasani
Very helpful and friendly staff, I will definitely recommend others.
Pandis Namdar
Pandis Namdar
Very satisfied , the director is so smart and creative which created a connection code between words,the teachers professional and friendly,strongly recommend.massive thanks to fast track
Elisheva Shalom
Elisheva Shalom
I strongly recommend any courses from Fast Track as it was my second course with them after accomplish successfully the life in the UK test on 17th April 2021. Therefore, 3 days of passing I decided to enrol in another course with them called Driving Theory Test Training, which they help me to pass my theory test first attempt on 3rd June 2021 in just 3 weeks of online training. In addition, from my point of view it is the best place for you to consider in taking any kind of courses from Fast Track Training related to your desire. I just don’t have words to say thank you to my teachers such as Mr Gazin and Mr Rahil as they motivated me a lot by giving me online group training via zoom twice a week, but if you are not able to attend a group session they also got one-to-one session. Furthermore, the teachers are fully trained and have been teaching for over 10 years, which they are confident in giving you the support you need in order to pass your theory test first time like me, such as motivation, explanation and confidence as well as knowledge and online training from the platform plus online training via zoom. Also, I have been told from Mr Rahil, who is one of the teachers from Fast Track Training that in the future they gonna produce recorded videos explaining any gaps from each topics besides mock tests. Give a chance to yourself in passing your theory test first time with Fast Track Training! That’s very kind indeed, one more time Fast Track Training, to be honest I am more than happy in doing my second review! Elizabete
Zak Mohammed
Zak Mohammed
I hired fast track training for my wifes A2 test preparation and from the first telephone call till the end they were very professional. The 121 training was ideal for my wifes preparation and she passed the exam in Leicester first time. Which was a massive relief for the visa process. The classes were on time and flexible. My wife really enjoyed the experience and her confidence grew with each lesson. Rahil is a great professional. Massive family way of working.

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