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A2 Questions and Answers

Presentation Introduction to TRINITY A2 English

Red Sheets A2 TRINITY Example Teacher Questions and Answers

A2 Red Sheet Topic Questions and Answers

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Presentation Topic Questions and Answers

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Translated Materials
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(Urdu) Vocabulary and Lexi Red Sheet

(Hindi) Vocabulary and Lexi Red Sheet

(Nepali) Vocabulary and Lexi Red Sheet

(Turkish) Vocabulary and Lexi Red Sheet

(Punjabi) Vocabulary and Lexi Red Sheet

(Bengali) Vocabulary and Lexi Red Sheet

(Main) Vocabulary and Lexi Red Sheet v2

Listening Practice 1-15

1. Jobs

1. Michelle’s Interview

2. Starting A New Job

3. Rosaline’s Direct Debit Details

4. Marshal Part Time Job

5. Michael Law Firm

2. Places In The Local Area

1. Swimming Pool Survey

2. The Forgetful Young Man

3. Hotels

4. Portobello Road

5. Ancient Londinium

3. Place of Study

1. Michelle Studying Japanese

2. Interview with Rashid

3. Jocelyn Interview

4. Rommel And Acting

5. Clarisse Interview

6. Marcus At University

7. Three Languages, Three People

8. First Time Coming To The UK

9. Ben Learning English

10. Luis News Events

11. Michelle Smith and Yoshi

4. Items

1. Anka’s Winter Jacket

2. Maggie’s Phone

3. Maureen Sewing Machine

4. Buying A New Car

5. New Laptop

6. My Music

5. Free time

1. Katie Surfing

2. Michael Fell Off His Bicycle

3. Jack’s Wedding Tomorrow

4. Going To The Cinemas

5. Watching Uber-Saw

6. Tina’s Poetry

6. Family

1. Family Problems

2. Mother And Daughter Reunion

3. Seeing the Kids

4. Spaghetti And Meatballs

7. Old friends

1. Old Friends Meetings

2. Sue Ling Making Plans

3. Cancelled Plans

4. Michelle Bowling Alley

5. Andrew And His French Pen Pal

6. Rudy And Meeting New People

8. Money

1. Exchanging Euros

2. Diego Buying Toys

3. Diego Sight Seeing

4.Microwave Sale

5. Shower Curtains Sale

6. White Skirt Sale

7. Tourism Money In The UK

8. National Minimum Wage

9. Adopting The Euro

10. The NHS

9. Tourism

1. Peter And The London Guide

2. Victoria Hotel

3. Checking Into A Hotel

4. Carnival

5. Danielle and Patrice Travelling

10. Transport

1. Jordan And Tim Taxi

2. Flying To Japan And Taxi Driver

3. Dravid Driving In India

4. Piotr Driving In Russia

11. Home Life

1. Surprise Party

2. Wear A Dinner Suit

3. Lisa Going To Boyfriend’s House For Dinner

12. Entertainment

1. Wombat Aide Music Festival

2. A Music Festival

13. Food and drink

1. Waiter And Parents Ordering Food

2. Mathew’s Family At The Dinner Table

3. Russell At The Dinner Table

4. Lee and Mary On Time

5. A Meal

6. Restaurants America

14. Pronunciation and Spelling

Play the recording and say the world along side the voiceover. Try to listen carefully and improve your listening skills aswell.

Pronunciation and Spelling 1

Pronunciation and Spelling 2

Pronunciation and Spelling 3

Pronunciation and Spelling 4

Pronunciation and Spelling 5

Pronunciation and Spelling 6

Pronunciation and Spelling 7

Pronunciation and Spelling 8

Pronunciation and Spelling 9

Pronunciation and Spelling 10

Pronunciation and Spelling 11

Pronunciation and Spelling 12

Pronunciation and Spelling 13

Pronunciation and Spelling 14

Pronunciation and Spelling 15

Pronunciation and Spelling 16

Pronunciation and Spelling 17


15. Simple Sentences


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