How to book and pass the Life in the UK test online

This article is all about how you can book your Life in the UK test online and become a British citizen. It will outline the test structure and how to book online. Remember if you need help from a teacher please contact us.

Remember: You need the following two certificates if you want to apply for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to remain:

1. A life in the UK test certificate book your exam here (book your exam here)

2. A B1 English test certificate GESE Grade 5 from Trinity (book your exam here)

If you need training then you can visit our Life in the UK test training page and the B1 English test.

If you would like to speak with a teacher please send us a message and we will contact you back to help.

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1.Test for settlement in the UK

United Kingdom is a British Continent, including countries as England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Life in the UK test is diverse for the people who are struggling to have British citizenship.  According to the British government policy one has to clear this test to live as a permanent residence in the UK. This test can be practiced online for FREE through our website. Before participating in the test one has to study the 3rd edition of the life in the UK handbook. All the questions required for the test is available in this handbook.

Booking the Life in the UK test

2. Process of the online life in the UK test:

For the Life in the UK Test booking, firs think about training. We provide excellent training to help you pass the exam first time.

You require the following documents:

  1. A valid photo ID to check your identity it may be a passport from country of origin /biometric residence permit/ an approved travel document/ a UK photo card driving license or an immigration status document. (please see our FAQ section)
  2. A valid proof of your address to verify which may be an electricity bill/ water bill/ gas or a council tax bill. (CHANGE 2020: Now the centre does not need a proof of address but instead they require you to take a photograph on the day – so make sure you look your best)
  3. A valid email address and debit or credit card to make payment for your Life in the UK test. (This will be taken at the time of your booking)
  4. You must studied the official Life in the UK Handbook: A Guide for New Residents (3rd Edition) which will help you to be ready to take the test. (I recommend that you visit our free training page which can be found on the home page of our website and this will give you everything you need to pass the Life in the UK test… the book can be full of information but not all of it is relevant for your test)
  5. You have to inform the test centre if you are suffering from any disabilities and it will be considered as a special request. (please see our FAQ section)


3.What is the structure of the test?

*You must answer 24 questions in 45 minutes. The questions in the life in the UK test have a multiple choice type. The person giving the test should select the right answer in the choices given. It is necessary to pass 75% in the test.

*The test is in the English language and if English is not your first language then you can train in our workshops in Nottingham, England.

*Study material for the test. The test is based on the 3rs edition of the life in the UK handbook. This handbook is available in all the book stores in the UK or can also be purchased online from the websites. The handbook has a total of 5 chapters of questions based in the test. Life in the UK test and B1 English language training are also given online because it is compulsory to clear the test.

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4. How can a teacher help you pass your test?

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me personally or my team or teachers please visit our contact us page or call 01158376502 and we will be happy to help.

Have a great day Fast Trackers always be the best and remember when you pass your exams and are British help others the same way we help you!

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