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This article is all about the indefinite leave to remain and citizenship english language test requirements. People who are wishing to get settled in the UK need to prove that they have sufficient level knowledge of the English language, but they also need to be confident that they can really use them English effectively. There are different tests for each visa you would be applying for..

Remember: You need the following two certificates if you want to apply for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to remain:

1. A life in the UK test certificate book your exam here (book your exam here)

2. A B1 English test certificate GESE Grade 5 from Trinity (book your exam here)

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1. What is needed to pass the B1 or A2 English language test
2. English Language Knowledge is a Must for UK Citizenship
3. This requirement was introduced on 29th November 2010
4. Exemption to English Language Test in UK
5. How can a teacher help you pass your test

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UK Citizenship Test Bookings

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1. What is needed to pass the B1 or A2 English language test

Applicants of UK citizenship must have in-depth skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing of the English language and that they should know how to use these skills in work, study, and everyday life. That is why Fast Track Training and Tuition Center comes to help you in learning the English language to help pass your UK citizenship requirements. We are the organiser of Home Office approved English Language tests.

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2. English Language Knowledge is a Must for UK Citizenship!

If you are a non-European national and you are planning to settle in the UK as the spouse like husband, wife or civil partner of any British citizen, or other person settled in the UK, you will need to prove that you have A2 level of English language knowledge that you can easily communicate in the UK. This page describes the requirements for approved English Language tests for partners. Applicants of visas and permission to remain in the United Kingdom also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) must meet this requirement.


3. This requirement was introduced on 29 November 2010.

You will meet the following requirement if you can show that:

  1. You are a citizen of a majority English language speaking country

  2. You have passed an English language test that is approved by the UKBA at the appropriate level
  3. You hold a graduation degree that was taught in English and is equivalent to a UK bachelor degree or above.

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4. Exemption to English Language Test in UK

  1. You don’t need to meet the approved English language tests for partner requirement if you provide satisfactory evidence that:
  2. You are aged 65 or over when you make your UK citizenship application
  3. If you are in a physical or mental condition which would secure you from meeting these requirements

There are some exceptional circumstances in which you need not meet these requirements

You will meet the English language requirement if you have passed an approved English language test at or above the appropriate level with one of UKBA approved test providers.

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