One good thing about how Life In The UK tests work is that the experience of people taking them across the country is exactly the same. That’s right, the exams are the same across the UK no matter which test centre you sit. If you are unsure then please speak to a teacher and we will explain further,

A Teacher Shares Their Valuable Experience With You…

We’ve brought together some of the more recent changes so that you can consider which may be useful in the light of your own situation. If you’re looking forward to doing the Life In The UK test, we’d be delighted to work with you if you are looking to pass the test where Fast Track Training are well known for our excellent results.

1. Timing Is One Important Factor

It is proven that students are 40% more likely to fail if they have not prepared of the exam. This is understandable as everyone is busy in their own lives and can hardly find time to balance all the world’s responsibilities.  When taking the exam if you have a busy week and are not able to revise we suggest you book your exam on a Sunday.  It’s now possible to book a test at short notice if your circumstances require it. Given 24-72 hours’ notice, a test can be organised at one of the centres for an additional £15.

The same fee applies if you would like your test to be on a Sunday, assuming it happens within 72 hours. If it’s less than that you’ll be asked for £30 to cover a short notice fee as well.

2. Ask For Headphones

Recently, due to Covid-19, headphones are no longer given to each candidate. This means that if you would like to listen to the questions and answers read out you will need to ask for headphones. If you think this may be a problem and then you should practice the following statement:

“Please may I use headphones? I cannot read well and I need to listen to the question. Thank you.”

If you are worried then please speak to us and we will try and help you further with advice and guidance. It’s okay we’re teachers and we have met many students who are nervous.

3. Private Exams Available

There are a variety of reasons you may wish for privacy while doing your test. If that describes your situation, then a closed test session can be arranged. Depending on where and when the price will vary, so that needs to be established beforehand. In some situations, such as for those with dyslexia or learning difficulties, people doing the Life In The UK test can benefit from having a reader or scribe. This too is a service that can be provided for a fee that depends on the requirement.

4. Talk To A Teacher Before Your Exam

Students are 86% more likely to pass their exams with the help of a teacher. Why is this? Some believe that a teacher can build confidence and help the student make a difficult exam easier.

“The more a student knows the more their confidence grows!”

A teacher could also possibly be a friend who can talk to you when you are feeling sad or depressed about the exam. This can assist you in preparing for the test  whilst you are preparing using the official Life in the UK test handbook. Many students believe this handbook is very difficult and in some cases stop a student from completing their exams because they cannot bear to read the full book.

The good news is that you don’t need to read the book when you have a teacher because the teacher can explain to you all the important tricks, tips and secrets of the book for you. The teacher can tell you the facts and stories involved, and to bring them to life in ways that make them easier to understand and remember. If this is appealing to you then speak to us at Fast Track Training. This is vital to your British Citizenship and we are passionate and committed about, and have been involved with for decades, helping students pass their Life in the UK test.

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