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To Apply For Student Visa B2 English Test Is Important To Remember

If you belong to a non-English speaking country and want to study in one of the renowned universities of United Kingdom then you have to prove that you can read, write, speak and listen in English (ESOL B2 level) You must give a B2 English test to apply for student visa. Your English language test will demonstrate that you have sufficient proficiency in listening, speaking reading and writing. In the United Kingdom, most universities accept will accept a B2 English language test, IELTS or TOEFL tests but definitely speak to the university first before booking.

Fast Track Training Institute Will Make You Confident To Pass Your B2 English Test

B2 English language testHowever, there are also some universities which accept other range of tests like IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English exams certificates. The guidelines are also very important in order to check the minimum score requirement of these tests to apply for any specific universities. If the course in which you want to take admission requires knowledge of higher level English language and it might be possible that the university demands higher score than that of which is set by the UKBA. B2 English Test score is compulsory to apply for the student visa.

So if you need to take the B2 English language test with the requirement of college/university admissions to apply for the student visa then book your B2 English test with Fast Track Training institute. With us you will receive three weeks best training of English language to prepare for the exam. This test is conducted in two parts i.e. listening and speaking test with writing and reading. Fast Track will support you in passing your B2 English language test in first attempt confidently.

Procedure To Apply For Student Visa After You Have Passed

A reading and writing examination is 2 hours long whereas a listening and speaking test is just for 15 minutes and both the parts of the test scheduled on separate days. We provide 3 weeks optional training to cover all the reading and writing assessments. This time length for training may vary depending on the current level of English language knowledge. To make a booking for this test you will just need to make a call at our office. The certificate will be sent to you roughly between 4 weeks after passing the test. And if your student visa is getting expired before you receive your English test certificate then a recommendation letter will be provided to you which will be suitable for Home Office purpose.